Video Transfers and Conversions by Digital Video Productions in Brookfield, CT. We can transfer any type of video format to almost any other. We also convert Film to DVD, or online media file. Listed below are some of the transfer services we have available:

Mini DV, DV to Digital File or DVD

VHS and S-VHS to Digital File or DVD

U-Matic 3/4 Inch to Digital File or DVD

Beta Max to Digital File or DVD

8mm Video to Digital File or DVD

Audio Cassette to CD

Reel to Reel Audio Tape to CD

Call us if you do not see the format you need listed above.
Film to Video Transfers:
Do you have 8mm, Super 8 film that has been sitting in an attic for years? In order to watch it you have to set up the projector, load the film and hope the bulb is still good.
Did you know that your film is deteriorating right now? Unless it has been stored properly film can be faded or damaged permanently. Your precious family memories ruined by time.
Let the experts at Digital Video Productions transfer your priceless film to a video. We convert hundreds of reels of film a year. Transferring to video gets rid of the hassle of setting up the projector, and by transferring to DVD your memories can last for generations to come.
We know how precious your film is, and we handle it with the utmost care at all times. We strive to keep your film in it's original condition, and return it to you in the condition it was received.
Try our service, you'll like doing business with us.
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Video Conversion by Digital Video Productions